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Zachary Harris is a programmer, former-entrepreneur & licenced armchair philosopher. He is particularly enthusiastic about co-operative organizations, multi-generational cross-cultural dance music, immersive media, & applied ethics.

He developed an interest in programming after taking a class in First-order Logic, while studying analytic Philosophy at Florida State University. Upon graduation, Zachary moved to Chicago to pursue a career in the music industry. However his dissatisfaction with the commercialization of music and the lack of intellectual stimulation led Zachary to seek out the challenge of software development.

After working for a creative studio, building websites for musicians and bands, he spent a year developing mobile applications for startups and small business at Snap Mobile.

The experience of building apps for start ups gave Zachary the confidence to move to Los Angeles in 2016 — where he co-founded Galatea Design, a writing and project management tool for immersive storytelling. In typical entrepreneurial fashion, Zachary made his way to Silicon Valley as part of a start up accelerator focused on Virtual Reality and Crypto Currencies. Upon discovering that the HBO series "Silicon Valley" is in-fact NOT a satire, he retired his hoodie and left the Bay Area before consuming raw water had become a trend.

Currently, Zachary’s is searching for jobs while learning about information security. If you’re interested in hiring Zachary or just want chat, please reach out.