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What Am I Doing Now?

I'm currently looking for full-time or contact work.
I'd prefer to work in NYC or remote, but I'm open to other locations.
Please email me if you're hiring or have any leads.

After 18 months of nomadic living while launching a startup, I've thrown in in the towel and moved in with my parents in Florida while I figure out my next steps and reduce my expenses. I am enjoying spending more time with my family and I welcome the opportunity to catch up on my reading.

I am volunteering with the coding club at the elementary school where my mother teaches. Right now they're learning programming concepts via LEGO Mindstorms robots.

One of the nice aspects of living at home is that I have copious free time. I've been making use of the time by diving into CS fundamentals as well as learning more about InfoSec. Currently I am enrolled in two coursera specializations, one on Cybersecurity and another on Algorithms.

I am working on building a daily writing habit, with the intention of blogging weekly. I hope to have posts up soon about programming, infosec and my experience with entrepreneurship.

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